Best Trim Paint for Windows, Doors, and Baseboards

Best Trim Paint for Windows, Doors, and Baseboards


Even though inside trim doesn’t pay much space compared to ceilings or walls, it’s a little thing that actually calls big focus on itself. Window sills are where you put your morning cup of coffee; door casing you pass a thousand times each day as you move from room to room. It’s usually close-up and carefully analyzed, and that’s only the visual part of it. Additionally, it has to perform.

Have a puppy? Then you’ll know that they love to stand on hind legs—front paws on the sill—to test outside action. In case you have children, you’ll understand that doorway trim gets bumped all of the time.

Since these are these high-impact places, there are special trim paints you need to purchase for all these crucial surfaces. 


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