Our New Old House Phase 2 Painting

This is our long overdue chapter. I found it online and the picture is this: The Electric Company tied up the wires to ensure that the house was painted.

This is the picture that I saw on the original listing. 'This is the after shot. This is the final picture after the painting was completed. These are the two painters who did the whole job.

House and they took just that the entire month of May to to do it but these are just shots of the of the painting in progress for the entire month but we have had so many compliments on this house people walking by they they just say that it they've never seen the house looking as good as it looks now and we're we're proud of it we're really .

Proud of what we have done to this beautiful house. Although they are still asking people ' how many apartments were added, we 're proud of it. We love this house.

She certainly has come a long way since we bought her two ago but there's still so much more to do the garage needs to be done the downstairs bathroom needs to be done you know just all these little projects but you know as we keep going with the little projects and she just gets better and better just like a fine wine she .

Improves with age I would like to give her a name but I haven't really come up with a good name for her but this is just some some of the after shots now everyone can see that the beautiful house that she always was she was just basically hidden in plain sight but now she she's a true beauty anyway thanks thanks for watching the videos and .

They'll be at least one more coming thanks byeRead More

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