you know some people don't like to work on matters I've worked on them for 30 years and I have to be honest with you it can be a little tiring and it can be a little unsafe especially up here up high what if I told you there's another way that you can get up high and work and safely and what's more even on a .

Platform I bet you that might interest you you know what I've got here it's called pipe scaffolding maybe you've seen it on a construction site bricklayers love to use it but I used it all the time to do carpentry jobs and I still use it even when I paint my own home what makes it so good so durable it's made out of steel and it's easy to .

Put together with all these different parts the way you start to assemble the pipe scaffolding is simple you use these diagonal cross braces and they lock into these pins and they just drop into place it couldn't be easier you can see it only takes one person to assemble this pipe scaffolding and these diagonal braces are extremely important as you .

Get higher and higher that's what keeps the scaffolding from basically collapsing like a house of cards so don't underestimate and make sure that they're locked into place I like to use handy two by twelve planks to create my work platforms in the scaffolding but the two rental places and the places that rent the scaffolding they have .

Great interlocking platforms. PI scaffolding makes it easy to create a level platform from which to work. You can also make it 3040 taller if needed. The rental places for tools or pipe scaffolding will have all kinds of safety features and guardrails to make your work safer. Ask the Builder.

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