When rolling a wall, keep a wet edge. Proper Paint Rolling. How to roll a wall.

This is Chris the Idaho painter bringing you another video tip and don't forget to subscribe to our channel like us and share us this is Chris in this video I'm going to talk to you about what it is to keep a wet edge in painting and rolling walls and keeping a wet edge you're going to be painting in whatever room you're going to be painting in you'd be .

Working from right to left or left to right whatever is convenient for you and in this room here I'm working from left to right and keeping a wet edge is working from whatever you're going left to right right to left and you're keeping your paint wet and you're not allowing it to dry or that you're not putting the paint on too thin that it .

Won't flow together so in this wall of the overlapping 50% and working along this wall and roll it on my paint and I'm keep dipping my paint in the map if I run it out to the point it begins to get dry the paint there's not enough paint for it to gel and flow together so I'm going to be constantly dipping my map and loading my map up and working .

From left to right, a loaded nap won’t work because it doesn’t have enough paint to cover the entire wall. ' This is the first coat. It ' will take two coats to complete the wall.

If you do not keep a clean edge ', you will see that the paint is drying quickly. ' This will cause the wall to show lap marks so keep going.

The nap runs out of paint it'll actually start pulling it back off the wall so keep going you can see how many time I'm loading this nap running down this wall keeping the nap saturated and keeping my paint edge wet that's what keeping the wet edge is if you don't keep a wet edge and keep your edge your trailing edge completely saturated the paint won't .

Flow together won't gel out and you'll actually get lap marks or stripe marks up and down your walls so it's important to keep a wet edge this is Chris the idle painter thanks for watching our videos and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel and like us and share usRead More

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